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Client Testimonials

Municipal budgetary healthcare institution of Novosibirsk «The emergency medical care station»

Deputy chief physician Balabushevich A.V.

ECG gel "Akugel-Electro" production of MediKraft LLC was tested in the Municipal budgetary healthcare institution of Novosibirsk «The emergency medical care station» for 2 weeks.
ECG gel "Akugel-Electro" was used as a contact, conducting an electric current, medium for ECG and for defibrillation. Our tests have shown that the ECG gel "Akugel-Electro" has high quality and meets all the requirements for electrode gels: it has high electrical conductivity, optimum viscosity, is characterized by a long drying time when used and does not differ from foreign analogues.
During the use of ECG gel "Akugel-Electro" did not cause allergic reactions when applied to the skin. The gel is transparent, leaves no traces, does not stain clothes.
After electrophysiological instrumental diagnosis, the gel is easily and completely removed from the electrode surface and from the body surface of patients with a damp cloth. After using the gel, the surface of the electrodes remains unchanged.
Thus, the ECG gel "Akugel-Electro"  is a modern conductive contact medium for electrophysiological instrumental diagnosis and therapy, allowing to perform diverse studies in stationary, mobile, portable conditions, as well as in medical vehicles.

GBUZ NSO «State Novosibirsk regional clinical hospital»

The chief doctor Komarovskiy E. A.

Approbation of the ECG gel "Akugel-Electro", produced by MediKraft LLC, was carried out within a month in the state medical INSTITUTION "GNOCB" in the Department of functional diagnostics. The gel was used as an electrically conductive contact medium for ECG, EEG, ECHOEG. 223 patients were examined, including 156 ECG studies, 67 neurophysiological studies.
Testing showed that the gel "Gugel-Elektro":
1. It has high electrical conductivity, which ensures good contact of the sensor with the patient's body and contributes to high-quality ECG and EEG recording.
2. The gel is well tolerated by patients, does not cause local and General allergic reactions or irritation of the skin.
3. Easily removed from the sensor surface and the patient's skin with a cloth.
4. The gel is transparent, does not leave traces on clothes.
From these results it follows that the ECG gel "Akugel-Electro" is a modern conductive contact medium, is quite effective and allows for research using any methods of electrophysiological instrumental diagnostics.